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Deluxe Drawstring Backpacks with Fire Safety Tips BP-449 BP-577 BP-578

  • $ 3.39

Durable nylon backpack with reinforced corners makes it easy for kids to carry home all of their fire safety reminders from open house visits, safety fairs, and school presentations
  • Also a terrific way to tote school books, papers, and more
  • Cinches shut with drawstrings, which can then be placed around the shoulders for carrying
  • Includes a large front slip pocket, mesh side pocket, and pen loop
  • Front features our exclusive fire safety designs 
  • Back reminds kids to Be Fire Smart Wherever You Go! and lists 8 fire-smart tips that could save lives 

Practice Fire Safety BP-449

I'm a Fire Safe Kid  BP-577

Maltese Cross   BP-578

14" X 18

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