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EMTs Are My Friends Educational Activities Book

Educational Activities Book EMTs Are My Friends - I'm Groupable & Personalizable

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This book introduces children to what EMTs do and how they help people.
By learning about who EMTs are and the gear they use, children will be more comfortable if ever in need of EMT care. The book also provides children with tips for calling 9-1-1 and for staying safe at school, on the playground, and while traveling about.  Activities provide fun for children as they learn.

  * Perfect for grades K-3

EMT's Are My Friends Personalization
Want to Personalize your Educational Activities Books? 

Add an  EMS-EMT Book Personalization item to your cart to add up to 5 lines of text and/or  1 logo.

  • Personalizaton is available for total EMS-EMT book orders quantities totaling 100 or more 
  • Only 1 personalization item is needed for your total book order. (ie. order 500 "EMT are My Friends"  and 500 "EMS Caring For Our Community" books and have all 1000 books personalized with one personalization item added to the cart.)   
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Combine your book order by Mix and Matching books within the EMS-EMT Book Group and take advantage of lower pricing.  When placed as one order, you will receive the quantity break price of your total book order at checkout.

ie:  Buy 500  "EMTs Are My Friends"  together with  500  "Let's Learn About Ambulances"  and receive the 1000 quantity price!  This is a great opportunity to save and educate all grades.

 EMS-EMT Book Group

Quantity Break Across This Group (Mix & Match these books for discount)
  EMS * Caring For Our Community
    * Perfect for grades K-1
   Let's Learn About Ambulances
   * Perfect for grades 1-2
   EMS To The Rescue
   * Perfect for grades 4-6



  • Minimum Order:  25
  • Size:  8 1/2" x 11"
  • Pages:  16

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Item #KCB-633

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