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EMTs Help Save Lives Educational Activities Book #0380

Educational Activities Book
EMT's Help Save Lives
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Item #CB-0380

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EMTs Help Save Lives coloring and activity book. When people have emergencies, paramedics are first on the scene to deliver life-saving assistance. Let your children learn all about these everyday heroes with this educational coloring book. Featuring a full color cover and 16 pages of games, this book is sure to put a smile on your little person’s face, and teach them about saving lives. This product is ideal for EMS, EMTs, police and fire stations and public safety awareness programs.

* Recommended for children ages 3 and up

** Don't Forget the Crayons


EMTs Save Lives
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  • Personalizaton is available for total Stop, Look & Learn Educational Activities Book orders quantities totaling 250 or more 
  • Price includes a one color imprint in standard imprint color (Black, PMS 186 Red, PMS 286 Blue or PMS 355 Green).
  • No Charge for your first 2 proofs
  • Only 1 personalization item is needed for your total book order. (ie. order 500  "EMTs Help Sae Lives and 500 "Learn About 9-1-1"  books and have all 1000 books personalized with one personalization item added to the cart.)   
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Combine your book order by Mixing and Matching books within the Stop Look & Learn Book Group and take advantage of lower pricing.  When placed as one order, you will receive the quantity break price of your total book order at checkout.

ie:  Buy 500  "EMTs Help Save Lives"  together with  500  "Learn About 9-1-1"  and receive the 1000 quantity price!  This is a great opportunity to save and educate all grades.

 Stop Look & Learn Book Group

Quantity Break Across This Group (Mix & Match these books for discount)
Know Your Emergency First Aid
  Know Your Emergency First Aid
My Heros
  My Heroes
Learn About 911
 Learn About 9-1-1



  • Minimum Order: 100 for blank or 250 total for personalized
  • Size:  8" x 10.5"
  • Pages:  20 pages (Including cover)

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Item #CB-0380

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